Yedang Company is
since its inception as the first entertainment management company in Korea, Yedang has been a major contributor in industrializing and developing the entertainment business in Korea.
Since its incorporation in 1992 as a registered company, Yedang Entertainment has grown into a manager, producer and distributor of music records and was listed in KOSDAQ in 2000.
Since then, the company has expanded its business area to entertainer management, film, TV series, broadcasting contents, concert and satellite DMB contents, and successfully positioned itself as the nation's stop entertainment company. In 2007, the company expanded its vision to the energy business which is recognized as a next generation growth engine.

2010 - Investment of "Le Grand Chef2" (movie)
- ETN/TROT24 was divided as a subsidiary company of Yedang

2009 - Investment of "Miindo" (movie)
- Produced SBS TV series, "terroir"
- Hosted the Asia song festival
- Produce and distribute albums of ALI, Smoky J, Sunday brunch

2008 - Investment of 'Beyond All Magic'(movie)
- Strengthening of the Live Events business (YB concert, Snow Show, The Life, Zoomderella, co-presenter and investor of
  ETPFEST 2008)
- Contractual agreement with actress, Kim Sun Ah
- Installment of DVD distribution and sales division
- Incorporation of Sego Entertainment as a subsidiary company of Yedang